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Comcast Business Mobile

Comcast Business Mobile is Comcast Business' mobile solution for small businesses. Available exclusively for Business Internet customers, Comcast Business Mobile empowers teams to get the job done whether they're in the office or on-the-go.

Add a Line Landing Page

Comcast Business Mobile has a variety of pages for prospective customers to learn about the service, however, we were lacking informative pages that speak specifically to current customers. The "Add a Line" page presented the perfect opportunity to tell customers the benefits of bringing more team members onto their mobile plan, focusing on their cost savings.

Free "moto g stylus 5g" Campaign

Writing marketing copy for different brands comes with its own set of challenges, and this campaign was no different. Motorola required the device to be written in lowercase, and we were given snippets of marketing copy to use in our promotion.


To make this promotion relevant and compelling for our customers, I focused on features that businesses consider important, like video chat and battery life, without deviating too much from the copy Motorola provided, which focused more on features for personal use. 

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