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Misc. Email Marketing

Weekly RTX Insights and Tips

RTX users received weekly emails with trending verticals, daily volume, average bid prices, and more, shown for the top volume countries. These insights helped users identify opportunities for creating more profitable ad campaigns.

To create this email, I ran reports using our internal reporting platform and custom reports in Tableau.

RTX Feature Spotlight: Conversion Boost

To keep users engaged between new feature releases, RTX would sometimes create one-off emails highlighting a feature that was popular, underused, and/or confusing.


This email introduces users to Conversion Boost, a machine-learning feature that users could customize to automatically optimize their bids.

Conversion Boost is a powerful tool that saved time and boosted ROI, however, many new users found it confusing or intimidating.


This email aimed to explain how Conversion Boost works and why users need it.

Introducing Push Toast to RTX Users

Push Toast is a platform for website owners to supplement the push notifications implemented on their site with push notification advertising, creating an additional revenue stream for website owners. RTX, Push Toast’s sister company, has a subset of users who market their own websites using RTX’s ad platform. This email marketed Push Toast to this subset of RTX users.

Affiliate World Asia 2018 Invitation

RTX employees attended Affiliate World Asia in 2018. This email was sent to RTX users inviting them to the event.

Affiliate Summit West 2020 Invitation

RTX employees attended Affiliate Summit West in 2020. This email was sent to RTX users inviting them to the event.

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