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RTX Platform

RTX is an ad exchange where affiliate marketers create campaigns that drive traffic to their offers. RTX is a sophisticated product with a global userbase, so using clear and simple language was essential.


On the RTX product team, I was responsible for UX copy throughout the app, and I worked closely with designers, developers, and stakeholders to create clear solutions to complex problems. I also used the product myself, interviewed and surveyed users, and QA tested new features.

Reporting Empty State

RTX's custom reporting is overwhelming at first glance, and beta testers weren't sure where to start. Some didn't know which dimensions and metrics would help them find the most valuable insights.

I used the blank space where a report populates to direct users to the left sidebar, where they can start building their report. I also link to a support article with examples of custom reports to run for various insights.

Delivery Speed

While beta testing the Delivery Speed feature, many novice users weren't sure why anyone would choose the Express setting, while power users relied on the Express setting for their high-volume campaigns. 

To guide both types of users, my copy explains the use cases for both options so the user can choose the better setting for their goals.

Traffic Troubleshooter

Ad campaigns may stop running for a variety of reasons, however, manually checking each potential issue is tedious. As a solution, we built a tool that diagnoses campaigns that aren't getting traffic.

For each issue, I explain the problem and how to solve it, with a link directing users where they need to go to take action.

Callout for ACH Deposits

RTX stakeholders wanted to highlight the new ACH payment method option so more new users would fund their accounts, however, the benefits of using ACH weren't immediately clear during the funding step of onboarding. 

I crafted copy for a blurb that tells users why they should deposit with ACH, which appears as they're prompted to fund their account.

Budget Disclaimer

While surveying the support team at RTX, we learned our agents often needed to explain why a user's ad spend would exceed their campaign's budget. 


By adding a clear, concise disclaimer to the budget section of a campaign's settings, agents had much fewer inquiries like these.

Duplicate Creatives

After surveying RTX users about their pain points, we discovered they wanted a more efficient way to duplicate ad creatives so they could make minor adjustments for A/B and multivariate testing. 

My microcopy tells users exactly what parts of the original creative carry over to the duplicate and where the duplicated creative will live.

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