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Depleted Account Balance Tooltip for RTX

RTX users must fund their account balance to keep their ad campaigns running. If their balance depletes, their campaigns will stop receiving traffic. This screenshot shows the tooltip copy I wrote for depleted balances.

Promo Balance Tooltip for RTX

RTX users can fund their ad campaigns with credit they've earned from various RTX promotions.


I wrote this tooltip to explain how the user's promo balance depletes compared to their cash balance and included a link to learn more about promo balances. The link points to a support article that details promo credit and explains how promo balances work, which I also wrote.

Delivery Speed Tooltips for RTX

RTX users apply budgets to their ad groups and ad campaigns to prevent overspending, and Delivery Speed allows users to further control their ad spend by customizing how their ad impressions are delivered throughout the day. Many users prefer pacing their ad impressions more evenly instead of quickly hitting their budget, so we enabled Paced Speed by default. Express Speed, if chosen, does not spread out ad impressions, instead delivering every impression they win.


In the tooltips for Paced Speed and Express Speed, I explain what each option does and when it should be used.

Potential Daily Reach Tooltip for RTX

This indicator estimates the maximum number of impressions an ad campaign is eligible for and updates in realtime as the user customizes certain settings on the page. The tooltip explains which settings factor into the estimation, noting that other settings which are customized in other areas may cause this number to be lower.

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