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EZ Invest

EZ Invest is a fictional company from a UX writing contest, and my entry was selected as the winner.

About the contest:

UX Writing Hub hosted a webinar with UX Writer Don Seidenberg, who then created the contest and judged all entries. Here's what Don had to say about my entry:

"The key dynamic for EZ Invest or anyone in this field is trust. Ashley was laser focused on the user, which is a critical element in UX writing. Her tone of voice is spot on. Her words instilled trust and put the user at ease. She showed empathy and gave the user reasons to feel safe."

- Don Seidenberg, UX Writer

My winning entry

About EZ Invest:

EZ Invest is a platform that helps freelancers and independent contractors safely invest so they can build a pension. The platform is based on a patented algorithm. The ability to develop trust is critical in this industry.

EZ Invest users:

  • Interested in long-term growth

  • Want to retire at age 60

  • Have a moderate risk profile

  • Need to be reassured

The challenge:

Create a headline, body copy, and a call-to-action intended for a website viewed on a laptop. The goal of the copy is to get readers to sign up for an hour-long demo. You need to show empathy and understand the users’ state of mind. The recommended length for the body copy is 1-4 sentences. 


My approach: 

To avoid muddling the message, I zeroed in on the user's primary concern: trust. Using words and phrases that instill trust, I give the user reasons why they can feel safe using EZ Invest. I opted for an inviting and descriptive CTA that tells the user exactly what happens when they click the button and how much time they can expect to invest.

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