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Feature Release Emails

Native Advertising Platform for RTX

RTX Platform released Native ads as a new product on their ad platform. The release email introduces users to the new ad format, its benefits, and how to get started running new Native ad campaigns.

Retargeting for RTX

RTX Platform added retargeting functionality to their Pops and Push ad formats, allowing their users to create ad campaigns that target audiences that have seen their ads in the past.

CPC Bidding for RTX

RTX Platform added CPC as a new bid format for Push ads. With this release, users could choose whether to pay per thousand ad impressions (CPM) or per click (CPC) to run Push advertising campaigns.

New Features for RTX Push Ad Creatives

This double-feature release for RTX Platform gave users two new ways to improve Push ad creative performance: preview their ads as end-users would see them, and automatically display the best performing ad creative based on machine-learning.

Conversion Boost for RTX Push Advertising

Initially released for their Pops advertising product, RTX Platform later released Conversion Boost for their Push advertising product. With Conversion Boost, advertisers can automatically optimize bids in real-time based on machine-learning.

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